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Lauren Sarazen

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Chatham University

She also uses teaching. She writes poetry and admiration and tends to disregard the elegance between the two. She received her BFA in creative writing from Chapman University and her MFA in creative writing from Indiana University, where she taught fiction writing and composition.

She currently lives in. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Creative Writing The BFA degree combines literature courses and writing workshops to explore students’ talents as creative writers. It. satisfies the majority of the Chapman General Education. Regardless of the number of units/credits accepted by Chapman, a minimum of 48 units must be completed on Chapman’s campus to receive a Bachelor’s degree.

Write demonstrating proficient use of genre elements, techniques, and conventions to produce a defined work: a story, a poem, or creative non-fiction piece. The work of fiction, creative non-fiction, or poetry adeptly employs multiple writing techniques in a single, unified piece.

With a BFA in Creative Writing you really have the same amount of job prospects as others who get an undergrad in communications. MFAs are not the same. If you get an MFA it’s a huge investment, and it’s a second degree.

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Lauren Sarazen graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Creative Writing, and is currently pursuing a master’s in literature at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle. She has contributed articles for publications such as Broadly, LensCulture, and Paste Magazine.

Bfa creative writing chapman
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