Low residency mfa creative writing california

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California Graduate Creative Writing Programs

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Don’t feel like you can afford to get an MFA What if it was free?! by cempedocles; 3 years ago; Posted in Student Loans; There are 43 comments; With the cost of an getting MFA higher now than any other time in history, I decided it would be a real service to the Smartly community to scour the internet to find all the fully (or mostly) funded.

The MFA program at IAIA is low residency (or “low rez,” as IAIA spells it, a play on the shorthand for “reservation”), which means everyone shows up for a very intense eight days twice a year, then spends the time in between writing, conferencing, reading, and writing some more. It also means students don’t have to quit their lives — their.

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Low residency mfa creative writing california
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