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Creative Writing 1: An Introduction

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Student and tutor module reviews

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Creative Writing 2: Concept and Practice

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Advanced creative writing

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For odds, your husband, supernatural, partner, parent, sibling or speak. I was asked by a fellow blogger yesterday what I thought of the Open University’s Advanced Creative Course A And my response was, ‘It’s Blumin’ BRILLIANT.’. Student's and tutors' comments on Creative writing A I took this course as a free choice module because I enjoy writing.

It was anything but easy to gain a good mark, but the exercises were so fun to complete between the TMAs I spent far too much time on them, and too little on the work I sent in. Open University – Creative Writing – A and A | Endless Realms says: September 6, at pm White, a fellow student with whom I frequently correspond with on Twitter recently wrote her impressions of the course and she goes into much more detail than I have; it was she that spurred me on to write this piece.

In this subject, creative writing is taught within contexts of contemporary relevance, in order to broaden students' range and encourage reflection about their writing.

Students are expected to develop their creative writing and increase their knowledge about its contexts by producing writing throughout the subject.

Advanced creative writing develops your writing ability by widening your generic range and developing your knowledge of module works on the forms introduced in the OU level 2 module Creative writing (A) – fiction, poetry and life writing – and supplements these with dramatic writing, showing you how to write for stage, radio and.

Start writing fiction

Since The Open University has recruited over 50, students to its undergraduate creative writing modules. These have proved enormously popular with students as well as with the tutors who teach them, and have been acclaimed by publishers, leading authors, and teachers in other universities.

Open university creative writing a3639a
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