Rewriting america

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Rewriting American History

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The Rewriting of America's History

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In this panel, Suketu Mehta (author of the forthcoming book This Land Is Their Land) and Gary Shteyngart (author of Lake Success) discuss with sociologists Nancy Foner and Philip Kasinitz how immigrants transform—and are themselves transformed by—American culture.

This detailed book substantiates that America's history is being rewritten to eliminate the foundational truths undergirding this land. It is a call to rediscover who we are as a nation. "One of the most significant books you will ever read".Reviews: 1. The diary is a day-by-day account of the journey, written twice a day, from the moment Columbus left Spain in to the moment he got back.

It’s amazing not only because it is an account of that discovery of America but it’s amazing just how tiny a bit of America he actually discovered. The challenges of rewriting American history are endless, going beyond relatively trivial challenges such as finding new pictures for our currency.

At least half of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were slave owners. Philip Beidler, Rewriting America: Vietnam Authors in Their Generation Athens: University of Georgia Press, Reviewed by Renny Christopher, English Department, California State University at Stanislaus.

Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy

Philip Beidler, like John Hellmann and others, explores the American literature of the Viet Nam war in terms of American myth and myth making.

Rewriting america
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