The creative writing my philosophy

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“What’s your creative philosophy?”

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Aug 30,  · Both of them asked me for advice about the area in which they thought I might have a little expertise: the statement of their teaching philosophy and principles. Around the same time, I also received a request from a reader asking me for advice on writing a Author: James M.

Lang. Such a claim is repeated by Bizzaro when he states, ‘one of the many tasks awaiting new scholars in creative writing studies is the determination of what is uniquely the province of creative writing’ (Bizzaro Donnelly, D., ed. A good friend sent me an article published in the July, issue of Harper's magazine, entitled "Doing Time: My Years in the Creative-Writing Gulag" by Lynn Freed.

It was interesting to see a perspective on teaching Creative Writing from another 'working writer' who has found herself teaching.

The creative writing my philosophy
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