The history of mcilhenny company

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Louisiana Impact Series: McIlhenny Company

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Avery Island, Louisiana

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It’s a worldwide favorite and a condiment staple in the South. Harold Osborn, Senior Vice President of the McIlhenny Company, tells us the story behind Tabasco and how it’s still adding flavor nearly years later. Enter HERE to win a Tabasco Gift Set from WAFB’s Louisiana Weekend and Tabasco.

After they make the Tabasco sauce, the spent peppers are sold to a pharmaceutical company that makes things like pepper spray and medicinal applications. Types of Tabasco The main line of Tabasco sauces now includes the Original, Green (jalapeno, the first sauce extension from ), Chipotle, Buffalo, Habanero, Garlic Pepper, and Sweet & Spicy.

Early History of Avery Island The history of the Mcllhenny Company should begin with a discussion of Avery Island, since the Tabasco sauce recipe depended on the island ’ s salt and peppers. Located miles west of New Orleans and feet above sea level, Avery Island — a 2,acre tract located in the bayou country of Louisiana — actually was the uppermost portion of a salt mountain.

According to company legend, Tabasco sauce was first produced in by Edmund McIlhenny, a Maryland-born former banker who moved to Louisiana around However, as Jeffrey Rothfeder's book McIlhenny's Gold points out, at least some of the self-promotional McIlhenny Company official history [2] is fictitious.

Tabasco-pepper crafted hot sauce Tabasco (made by McIlhenny Company) has been burning mouths since it was birthed in Louisiana inand though the original red pepper sauce is the real draw, the company's gone some good twists in their.


McIlhenny Company: Wikis

Tabasco sauce was invented in by Edmund McIlhenny, a Maryland-born former banker who had moved to Louisiana around Initially McIlhenny used discarded cologne bottles to distribute his sauce to family and friends, and in when he started to sell to the public he ordered thousands of new "cologne bottles" from a .

The history of mcilhenny company
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